Photo: Keanu Narciso

Photo: Keanu Narciso

Ancliffe is a limited edition women’s clothing line based in Portland, OR and designed by Rachel Ancliffe. The collection is designed with everyday wear in mind: sensual and feminine fabrics, strong and confident styles. Each piece should feel good, age well and integrate seamlessly into your wardrobe. 
Using hand-dyed fabrics and experimental patterning techniques, Ancliffe elevates everyday pieces through artistry and hand-craft. The upcoming collection offers indigo-dyed silk and cotton dresses, tunics and tanks, all of which are resist-patterned in the traditional Japanese style of Shibori. These labor-intensive processes result in stunning organic patterns, and offer unique, one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces. 


Rachel has over 18 years of experience in the clothing industry. She currently lives and works in Portland, OR, USA.  If you would like to contact Rachel directly please see the Contact page for email and mailing list info.  


Sp '14 Lookbook Photos, Makeup & Model

Photography: Tim Aguero

Makeup: Luce Cousineau

Model:  Ilona Danilova (SMG)



Special thanks go out to:  DaeSeok Park, Kara Yanagawa, Abra Ancliffe, Clayton Pledger, Michael Kingery, Chelsea Heffner (Wildcraft Studio), Megan Mesloh, Craig Thompson, Christine Taylor, Sharon Gold, Mark Wald, Tess Darrow (Egg Press), Luce & Tim.